Anero, Cantabria, Spain (1997). Man reacting to the camera.

Anero, Cantabria, Spain (1996). A farmer proudly shows his cow’s young age.

Paris, France (2001). Rue de l’ancienne comédie. 

East Jerusalem, Palestine (1991). Outside the Al-Aqsa mosque after Friday prayer. ©flc54 

New York City, USA (1995). Boxer at a Manhattan gym.

Berlin, Germany (2002). Artist Mike Corkill’s hands after completing a sculpture.

Berlin, Germany (2004). Ghanian artist Dennis Doe Tamakloe in a hospital room right after having been stabbed by a neighbour.

Brooklyn, New York City, USA. Police officers show off in front of the camera by arresting on drug offences an innocent woman waiting for her grandson outside a school,

Melilla, Spain (2006). A woman carries merchandise into Morocco.

Berlin, Germany (2000). Outside the Oberbaum bridge, on the Kreuzberg’s side.

Berlin, Germany (2004). Gay parade.

Berlin, Germany (2002). Neo-nazi demo.

Berlin, Germany. Left-wing protesters.

Cairo, Egypt (1994). Child labour at a pottery factory.

Aguadulce, Almeria, Spain (2006). Young immigrant.

Erfurt, Germany (2003). Carnival.

Chengdu, China (1998). Radio listener.

Berlin, Germany (2004). A visitor at the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum examines an artwork by Australian sculptor Ron Mueck.

Kémerovo, Russia (1992). Children of a miner family.

Erfurt, Germany (2004). An elderly man eating lunch.

Almeria, Spain (2001). Greenhouse industry.

Urumqi, China (1997).

Khartoum, Sudan (1992). Dinka woman.

Rostock, Germany (2001). Tamil refugee.

Almeria, Spain.

New York City, USA (1996). Portrait making in Central Park.

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